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Textpattern 4.5 is the latest quality version of Textpattern CMS and includes an even easier installation method. Security fixes, visual and markup alterations to the admin, a new responsive theme for both admin and public side, improved tag changes, jQuery, Textile and plugin hooks improve on many people’s favourite content management system. Perhaps this visual guide to TXP installation will convince you to give it a try. It’s very easy and the system requirements are available on the vast majority of hosts. Go to the download page and follow the simple instructions.

Once you’ve extracted the files to your site and created a mysql database, you navigate to and will be greeted with the following screen.

Textpattern installation screen 1

Select a language, submit and you will see the following:

Textpattern installation screen 2

Hopefully, you will enter correct database details and the web-reachable address of your site has been filled in. Next…

Textpattern installation screen 3

Textpattern will check your connection and give you the green light and the information you need for your configuration file. If you navigate to the Textpattern directory you will find config-dist.php. You can replace the contents with the details above and *Save as” config.php. Did you do it?

Textpattern installation screen 4

Textpattern will create the necessary database tables next so needs your basic details so you can login. You can also choose from the three admin themes. The new Hive theme is recommended because it is responsive to screen sizes and is pretty snazzy, imho. You can change themes anytime, by the way. Next…

Textpattern installation screen 5

Hopefully, it all went well or you’ll just have to go back and correct something. Please read this screen carefully. You see where it says you should remove the Setup folder? Do it now! Remove the folder now if you want to keep your site secure. Textpattern is very secure so keep it that way!

Textpattern installation screen 6

Login to Textpattern with the username and password you gave when the database tables were created.

Textpattern installation screen 7

You are taken to the Update Languages screen where you can save or update. You should really check Admin | Diagnostics next in case of any errors. Then you’ll want to change Admin | Preferences site name, timezone, date format, comments preferences etc. And of course look at your new site!

Installing Textpattern 4.5 is a breeze and using it is a breeze too. If you have any problems or suggestions there is extra, often unacknowledged, help at the Textpattern forum given by enthusiasts and the developers themselves. Install Textpattern 4.5 and enjoy quality content management.


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