9 Top Features Of A CMS

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What are the most important features of a great content management system? What are the top features of your CMS?

Here is a Textpattern feature list in no particular order. Have your say on the order of importance and if there are features missing.

1 Fast

2 Flexible and Free

3 Friendly and Fully-Featured

4 Secure and Stable

5 Easily Managed

6 Great For You

7 Great For Your Visitors

8 Excellent Support

9 Multi-lingual Support

Are all the top CMS features listed? Which are the most important?


  1. Mike Dennis #

    “updating (approx 6-monthly) in minutes”

    I know you mean updates happen about every 6 months, but I think it could be read as there are approximately 6 updates/month :)

    “Password-protect site sections, or even specific articles”

    Out of the box? Did I miss this somewhere?

  2. Peter #

    Thanks Mike, I’ve updated the updating bit :)

    According to the password protect page on Textbook, it can go anywhere, but now I notice there’s a warning about protecting sections down at the bottom. So well spotted and I’ve changed that too.

  3. Mike Dennis #

    I’m glad you mentioned it. I don’t know if I forgot that tag was available or didn’t know it. Either way the only methods that came to mind were recommendations I’ve read over the years involving ign_password and mem_’s membership plugins or htaccess modifications.

    I love learning or relearning new things ;-)

    Thanks Peter


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