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I just came across the adi_notes plugin for Textpattern and thought, “Wow! What a useful plugin!” It put a Notes tab under any or all of the Content, Presentation and Admin tabs and allows users with sufficient privileges to leave notes for all to see.

This makes it a great assistant for administrators who can leave instructions, warnings or any message that they want other users to see. It is also good that restrictions can be put on who can leave notes, as this makes it very practical. Another bonus is that the notes can be formatted with Textile.

The Admin side of Textpattern is getting more and more attention and this plugin is just one such effort. It is picked at random from the many others that help administrators so this is not my endorsement that it is better than those I have not mentioned. I don’t know how it compares with others, but for me personally, it is a useful, practical plugin that will surely be used a lot.

Well done, Adi! More info is available in this forum thread.


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