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At first glance it will seem egotistical to feature one of my own sites as worthy of being a ‘Powered by Textpattern’ site that has excellent content. But there is no other site that I know of that is solely dedicated to this breath. So what? This breath? We breathe all day and all night, so what’s so special, what’s the big deal? Let me get on with the rest of my life. I have important things to attend to. From my experience this is the attitude of almost everyone I have ever met. So why even bother having a website about the breath?

When you were born the single most important thing about you that had to happen was that you had to breathe. If you were still blue, they’d do anything to try and make you breathe and would not give up until you turned pink or, God forbid, the worst happened and you would be disposed of instead of going home with your mother. But you turned pink as the breath came into you and your pink bits will remain pink as long as the breath keeps coming into you and will only turn blue again when the last breath leaves and returns no more.

Does that make the breath precious or not? We consider gold and diamonds to be precious and they are very scarce. If they weren’t so scarce they would not be so precious. So the breath can’t be precious can it if it is so plentiful? The fish in the sea are plentiful so they can’t be precious at all, can they? But now they overfished some people say they are precious. There used to be millions of whales but now there is a shortage we realize their value more. Many animals now in danger of extinction due to their slaughter are now regarded as precious by many people. But this breath keeps coming and going every day of our life so people do not realize how precious it is. It is incredibly precious, the most incredibly precious thing we have.

Without this breath we could not eat fish, slaughter animals, pollute the atmosphere, pollute the water supplies, hoard the food, make profits out of other people’s misfortune, destroy the planet or any of the stuff we as human beings spend so much time doing. We think computers will make us happy, or a beautiful partner, a good job, a nice house, a family, great social life, wealth, achievements, fame and worldly success. And we get so busy pursuing our desires, hopes and dreams we lose sight of the simple fact that with the basic needs of food, water, clothing, somewhere safe to sleep and a little love, we were very happy once upon a time when we were children.

We were once much more in touch with our true nature, we were more natural. We didn’t need beauty products or coaching or self-help books to make us feel natural. We just were! And we just are if we can just understand what a blessing the coming and going of this breath is; if we can appreciate and accept that every single breath is a blessing that brings us life. Breath is life. Life is not the pursuit of desires or fulfillment of responsibilities. Life is enjoying and understanding the beauty, kindness and wonder of this most amazing breath. Life is the miracle of all miracles! When we realize that, when the penny drops, when we feel it in our hearts, we have the answer to all the questions like who am I, what is life all about and what is my purpose?

So One Breath expresses my gratitude for being alive and for having a breath. It is my attempt to bring breath into my and your consciousness a little more. I was pointed in the right direction many years ago by the coolest man on the planet and he is much more conscious, eloquent and inspiring than I am (some of the above are paraphrases of what he has said). He not only talks but delivers. He can put you in touch with you, with your true self, with your true nature. Me? I am a very average kind of guy, certainly not exceptionally clever or wise or anything. But I appreciate my life and this breath every day and try to remember how fortunate I am every day. Thank you for reading and I hope you find what you are looking for.


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