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There are 32 million people living in Uganda and due to poverty, Idi Amin, civil wars and AIDS, 2 million of these are orphaned children. Gloria Baker Feinstein set up Change The Truth in 2006 after being touched by the plight of some of the children she met at one Ugandan orphanage. Absolute truth is unchanging but Gloria felt the truth about food, education and the lives of orphans could be changed with outside support. 5 years on, with the help of hard-working and talented directors and staff, many young lives have been turned around. Here is a tiny glimpse of their wonderful world to encourage you to visit the Change The Truth site.

Header and nav bar of Change The Truth

There’s a moving video on the Change The Truth home page, made by director and filmmaker Lynne Melcher, that shows the beautiful orphans of St Mary Kevin Orphanage. They are happy and healthy thanks to the love and care they have been fortunate enough to receive.

Change The Truth as seen on mobile phone 2009 poster available in the store CTT founder, Gloria, with Nicky 2006

Contrary to what television would have us believe, this is not a one-way channeling of resources from the haves to the have-nots, from the 1st world to the 3rd world or from motivated adults to helpless children. The children give as much as they receive, not just on an emotional level but on a practical level too. The children make artworks, crafts and dolls sold at annual fund-raising events held in Kansas City, where Change The Truth is based.

Dolls made by children Colourful children's paintings

The store also sells baskets, beads, bracelets, bags, t-shirts, posters and other good stuff – perfect gifts that will bring a little bit of Uganda into our lives if we are so inclined.

T-Shirt available from the store Shoulder bags available from the store

All the above images bar one are screenshots from a mobile phone. The website has been made very accessible and a delight to use by Kevin Potts the well-known Kansas-based, Textpattern-loving web designer and author.

Loving hearts planted a few seeds and now a fertile crop is appearing. Children are learning and growing, some are graduating and setting examples to the other children. Talented and creative staff have helped make a big happy family and now the Change The Truth website is offering us an opportunity to be a part of it. Crops are never guaranteed, especially in Uganda, so I hope you will support this worthy cause. You will get so much back in return.


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