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(Edit May 2010: check out The North Gate Well.) Most developers or TXP forum moderators do not seek fame or recognition, instead preferring just to quietly do their bit for Textpattern. One such is Rick Silletti. If he's not moderating on the forum, you might find him writing plugins at Textcastle, negotiating with elks in Mammoth Hot Springs, photographing moose on ParklinG.NeT or writing poetry and short stories at the Frantic Antic. Not that TXPQ equals 'fame' but thanks for stepping into the spotlight, Rick. Enjoy!

The Path Here

Winding path through snowy land" title="Winding path through snowy land

TXPQ How would you describe your general state of being, eg happy, stressed, optimistic etc?

RS Simple

TXPQ Are you more artistic/intuitive or logical/analytical?

RS Artistic/intuitive

TXPQ Are you right-handed or left-handed?

RS Right

TXPQ What motivates you or "makes you tick"?

RS Quiet

TXPQ What are you doing tonight?

RS Walking in the moonlight

Yellowstone Park

Bull elk defending its territory" title="Bull elk defending its territory

TXPQ How long have you lived by Yellowstone Park?

RS I live in the park when I'm working, that would be 9 months out of the year since 1995.

TXPQ Do you have a daily routine? Is it in tune with nature?

female moose" title="female moose RS My mornings start at 5am (old military habit) and I begin communicating with others around 6:30am. My workday is entirely unpredictable, but my off time otherwise is a random pattern of hiking, skiing, cooking, and computers when nothing else is in my hands. Routines for me are an opportunistic affair that have, for the most part, shaken off the feel of planning.

TXPQ What takes up most of your day?

RS Searching for smiles

TXPQ There's evidence of this at The North Gate Well :-)

Textpattern Questions

TXPQ When did you first use Textpattern?

RS 2004

TXPQ Have you used any other broadly similar software?

RS Wordpress

TXPQ How does Textpattern compare? Why do you use it?

RS I feel at home with TXP

TXPQ How long have you been programming?

RS Since 1978, off and on

TXPQ Did you start writing plugins from necessity or for fun?

RS Fun

TXPQ What are your favourite plugins that other people have made?

RS I do like glz_custom_fields

TXPQ You do some moderating. Would you like to talk about it?

RS I've always liked the courtesy to be found on the Textpattern forums.

TXPQ And long may it continue. Thank you very much for giving us this TXPQ article, Rick. Great photos. Much appreciated.

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  1. Maniquí #

    Is Rick a beatnik?

    I have read some books by Kerouac (On the Road, Dharma Bums) and this interview bring back those books to my mind.
    The main character used to live in a Park…

  2. Peter #

    I’ve been waiting for him to give us a clue but he’s keeping his cards close to his chest. He’s looking for testers for some TxP jQuery scripts so perhaps he’ll tell you if you help him? (It seems strange talking about him in the third person)

  3. Rick Silletti #

    I may have to rethink my use of the phrase “live in the park”. This park is Yellowstone, I in fact live in a dormitory :)

  4. Maniquí #

    Hey, Rick! I mean a National Park, too.

    The main character of “Dharma Bums” was living as “a fire lookout on Hozomeen Mountain’s Desolation Peak” (quoted from Wikipedia).

  5. Rick Silletti #

    One of my favorite hikes in Yellowstone is fire the lookout on Mt Washburn, it’s still actively manned (though not by me) and sometimes…sometimes! the webcam actually works. The view when it does is impressive.

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