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Jukka is the talented young designer/programmer from Finland known as Gocom on the Textpattern forum. He can be found at his own forum and technical site in English, Uproar and Rattle, and a portfolio and blog in Finnish, Rahinaa.

TXPQ What is life all about?

JS Spending time with friend and family. Enjoying and not worrying too much, as most people do.

TXPQ From reading information about Lohja I would guess this is your daily routine: go to the gym, have a sauna, swim in the lake, eat apples for breakfast, work on the computer, eat apples for lunch, work on the computer, go to a dance restaurant and party till you drop. Is that correct?

JS Partly correct. I live in Lohja, a mid-sized city located 60 kilometers from Helsinki, our capital. When it comes to the daily routines, it's a little different. I don't go to a gym, as I'm not a gym-person. I prefer jogging at the top of a hogback called "Lohjanharju".

Yes, we have huge apple farms located around Lohja. Lohja is even called Apple City, with Apple carnivals and so on. But I don't eat apples so much. I try to eat healthy, as much I can, but I also love junkfood and candies. I also fancy myself as a really good cook. I love making pasta, cakes and hamburgers, almost anything that comes to mind.

over anything I love spending a romantic and relaxing time with my girlfriend Oh, I love parties, especially home parties, but I don't drink till I drop, or dance when I'm wasted. I also like the company of my close friends. But over anything I love spending a romantic and relaxing time with my girlfriend.

TXPQ What's with "Gocom" and the avatar?

JS Well my nickname "Gocom" is quite old although it doesn't actually mean nothin'. Go is go, and com is just a com. Usually com mean computer, maybe it comes from it, only god knows, but I don't believe in god ;) I used to play a few online multiplayer games like Counter-Strike series and Battlefield series with that nick, and since then it has become my "all-a-round" web nick for last.fm, videoservices, forums. So it's possible that you talk to me, if you talk with "Gocom" in web.

The avatar is just something that I like, as I listen a lot of melodic metal etc, but I'm not dark nor wear black clothes - I enjoy colors. So, bright skull is good.

Jukka's Websites

TXPQ Why the name Uproar and Rattle? What does Rahinaa mean?

JS They actually mean the same thing. "Rahinaa" contains the words "rahinaa" and "rähinää", meaning the same as "rattle" and "uproar". Yes, it is translation nothing else, but the word "Rahinaa" has a meaning. It expresses the original purpose of my personal blog and portfolio, Rahinaa.biz. It was my way to "roar" my frustration and say the "true" words of my little life as I see them. But since then the sites have grown and the meaning has changed a little. Uproar and Rattle is my "Textpattern" site, and non-personal. The only thing it has in common with my personal blog is the name.


TXPQ You are only 18? You are certainly bright when it comes to understanding Textpattern, php etc and it's good to see you are answering lots of people's questions on the forum. How do you feel about the forum and Textpattern?

JS Yes, I'm only 18, a young teen-Textpatternist who started using Textpattern in early 2006. Before that I tried WordPress, Mambo, Joomla!, Nucleus, PHP-Nuke and XOOPS, but no matter what, I have to say that Textpattern is the best. It's flexible, easy to use and very light.

core developers are making good progress, as we can see when looking at the SVN Browser timeline The forum is quite active and lively, full of mature people, which I find the best thing in the community. Also the community has a lot of really active plugin/patch developers that have volunteered to help the progress by publishing code, fixes, plugins, snippets and helping the desperate people in here at the forums. Also core developers are making good progress, as we can see when looking at the SVN Browser timeline. I can only cheer for them.

TXP Plugins

TXPQ You already have the TXPhorum plugin integrated into Uproar and Rattle and are now creating your own forum plugin. Would you like to compare and contrast them and discuss?

JS TXPhorum was the starting point of the development. It all started when I fixed its exploits and problems, and also validated the outputted code. Also a couple of folk back then asked me to publish the forum profile function in a plugin. So I started to work with it. Because I don't want to blame anybody, I won't compare them. I just have to say that I don't find the default TXPhorum as safe as Textpattern is without it.

TXPQ Would you like to discuss any other plugins?

JS Well, in general, there are a huge amount of great plugins by various authors. But I still wonder why people are trying to do things without any plugins and use long, non-Textpattern PHP files instead, when a wonderful plugin would do the same with community guaranteed security. Use plugins people. Jukka relaxing in bedroom" title="Jukka relaxing in bedroom

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