Yiannis Κολακίδης Part III

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In Part I we read about Γιάννης and his web sites. In Part II we dived into art, video and NeMe. Part III is about architecture, LABS and moderating.

TXPQ What motivates you or "makes you tick"?

YC Intelligent conversation.

TXPQ What short-term aims or objectives have you?

YC NeMe, although still under three years old has managed to secure some funding for a series of international events next year. My architectural office has also secured the commission for a major government building in Cyprus so my short term objective is to keep on breathing for at least long enough to finish the projects above.


TXPQ How long have you been an Architect?

detail of colak-built school" title="detail of colak-built school YC I started studying architecture in 1983. I have my diploma from London's Architectural Association in London and a registered Category A rated practice in Cyprus which allows me to design any size job.

TXPQ Why did you choose that career path?

YC Career is a strange word for self employed architects but in partial answer to your question, I always found the process between the head, the drawing board (currently the screen) and the eventual construction of a project exhilarating.

TXPQ Do you still do it? Or keep up to date with the world of architecture?

YC Yes... Architecture sets my main path. I do keep up to date through books, magazines and websites as well as friends who are teaching the subject in universities in Europe and elsewhere. Also wherever I travel I always schedule visits to the historical and contemporary buildings of the place.


TXPQ What is LABS?

YC LABS stands for Leonardo Abstracts Service. It is a project hosted at Pomona college in LA. Its aim is the creation of a database consisting of Ph.D, Masters and MFA theses abstracts dealing with the intersection between arts and technology. It is a peer reviewed online project whose submissions are ranked for inclusion in the Pomona database, LEA (Leonardo Electronic Almanac), or the Leonardo Journal.

TXPQ What do you do in LABS?

YC LABS reviews are two times a year. My responsibility is to read all the abstracts submitted and rank them. Admittedly I do read the Ph.Ds too. Reading original research is a very intense experience as, some, push the boundaries of knowledge, definitely mine:)


TXPQ How long have you been moderating on the TXP forums as colak? What are you expected to do?

YC Mary invited me to become a moderator around March 2006. Each moderator has their own ideas of what we should be doing but my goal is to keep out the spammers, keep the peace and help as much as I can.

TXPQ Have you ever banned anyone?

YC Only spammers

TXPQ Have you ever had a very tricky situation to sort out? How did it go?

YC Txp forum had, as you know, its ups and downs. The experience I had with the NeMe forum was more extreme than any of the downs in the txp one.

TXPQ How many hours do you spend on the forum?

I'm one of those self-confessed TXP forum junkies YC I'm one of those self-confessed TXP forum junkies. I spend under an hour a day by paying short but frequent visits to it.

TXPQ Would you like to share any feelings about volunteers, volunteering or the forum in general?

YC TXP forum is one of the friendliest and most civil forums on the net. I find its users mature and (most of them) are willing to share. To me it is not about volunteering but about sharing.

TXPQ So you are a paid architect but also work hard on NeMe, review LABS, moderate TXP forums and answer lots of questions all for free. Are you driven by insanity, masochism or do you really find it fun?

YC To me masochism is waking up in the morning, turning the TV on and watching soap operas or reality shows all day until you go to bed in the evening. Working, learning, organising and creating is definitely more fun than that.

TXPQ And many people are benefiting from your hard work and enthusiasm, Yiannis. Thank you very much for sharing your time and knowledge with us. I feel sure it is appreciated by many.

Recently completed school designed by Yiannis" title="Recently completed school designed by Yiannis
Recently completed school designed by Yiannis

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