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Imagine: you’re a slave gathering sugar cane, day after day all day long, year after year. It’s hard work, you’re being driven to gather as much as you can every day. Along comes the overseer, says he’s a nice man, he doesn’t want to force you to do anything against your will, says he will grant you favours if you’ll let him have his way with you. Hey, he says, you’ll enjoy it too!

You suspect he’s being paid commission for the number of impregnations he makes. The slave owner wants to be sure he has a steady supply of slaves to gather the sugar cane for many years to come. But hell, what else is there to do about it? Runaways get shot so you’ve got to make the most of what you’ve got. So you bring a child into the world and are relatively free to raise her in the relative luxury of not being whipped so much and a stronger chance you won’t starve.

So what’s this got to do with Textpattern?

Well, like it or not, your ancestors were involved in such iniquities two centuries ago (or at different times in different parts of the world) and your life today is still chained to slavery. You gotta do what you gotta do to make a living, to survive in your world. OK, it’s nowhere near so blatant, but you’re still living your life so you can spend as much time as possible away from your daily life, in other words for many – to get some pleasure at the weekend. To keep your clients happy, to pay the bills, you need something to make you more productive or something to catch the eye of the boss man, so he will grant you favours. Textpattern almost gives you freedom, almost takes you beyond the regular drudgery – but you gotta make the most of the opportunity as it presents itself! You can use Textpattern to enable your client to get the most from his sites and perhaps he will set you free because of it. It’s still a game of chance but the odds are more in your favour because the freedom to customize TXP anyway you want sets it apart from the competition. If you’ve got the individuality, will, spirit, confidence or know-how to stand out from the crowd, Textpattern is there for you.


  1. Damien Buckley #

    I agree totally – here at Propeller, we use Textpattern exclusively for non-e-commerce sites, primarily as it is a flexible system but also as it is so easy to use – we generally need no more than a couple of hours training for most (no-technical) clients to ride off into the sunset with their new websites and get on with the task themselves.

  2. Michael #

    q Damien: So you would not use TXP (with something else) for a site with a shop?

  3. Damien Buckley #

    No, IMO there’s too much hacking / work involved when there are other more effective solutions out there – some may disagree but IMO, Textpattern isn’t really designed for e-commerce.

    We used Textpattern for the Pro Plaster store as they never actually desired to sell online – its a brochure site. I don’t suppose it would take much to upgrade it to sell online, using either Paypal or FoxyCart but there are more elegant solutions and when you are training clients to look after the site themselves, we prefer to simplify, simplify, simplify.

    We tend to use Shopify for most stores – its hosted, secure and the templating system is not unlike Textpattern – if you can use TXP, applying yourself to Shopify is fairly straightforward.

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