KoalaAdi Gilbert Interrogation of the suspect using the alias of gomedia on the Textpattern forum. Adi is guilty of making fine plugins and building websites in the Great Ocean Media area of Victoria in Australia.

Textpattern installationInstall Textpattern 4.5 Installing and using Textpattern 4.5 has become even more pleasurable, almost to the point of luxury! The TXP values of simplicity, flexibility, ease of use and lightweight power are stronger than ever in this latest release.

image of some plugin codeRah_Sitemap As part of a search engine optimization strategy, Jukka Svahn's rah_sitemap is a simple but powerful Textpattern plugin that creates sitemaps that conform to XML sitemap protocols and search engine specifications.

snippet of 1breath.com lookOne Breath The only website I know where all articles are about the breath. If you are not interested in this breath you should be. I do not say that from ego. I state a fact that, if you follow it up, will lead to a life filled with hope, happiness and fulfillment.